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Additional Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

Albuquerque Community Foundation

Scholarships A-Z

ALL students can go to college, regardless of immigration status. And yes, there are scholarships available too.

Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Making College Affordable: Online Guide for Hispanic Students

Scholarships and grants can make college a reality for many Hispanic students, but following basic affordability principles will make the experience even better.

Click HERE to view the online guide and learn more.

Financial Aid for Online Colleges

Not long ago, Congress required a school to conduct more than 50 percent of its teaching in a classroom setting in order to qualify as federal financial aid distributors. This tactic prevented so-called “diploma mills” from qualifying for federal aid, yet negatively impacted many students who were pursuing a degree through legitimate online programs. Many of these students were working adults, rural residents or military personnel who benefited from the flexibility of distance learning, but needed help paying for a college education. In February 2006, the requirement was lifted, making federal aid available to eligible students who wanted to attend an online college. Also, many institutions started offering financial aid packages to students, some in the form of loans and others via a combination of loans, scholarships and other higher educational funds.