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Global Research and Education Program

The intercultural Research and Education program is a program that is intended to serve as a bridge between UNM students and intercultural colleges in Mexico and Latin America.  In March of 2015, El Centro de la Raza made agreements with thirteen intercultural colleges from Mexico and it also coordinated general agreements between UNM and universities in Mexico and Peru so we could pave the way to develop ways by which our students can travel abroad and learn from other cultures.


The overarching goal of this program is to serve as a bridge between our Raza students and students from other countries.  The idea is to create strategic alliances that will support the “internationalization” of our Raza students.  This program includes the following projects:

Segundo Foro de Investigación Indígena

“Encuentro Comunidad-Academia”

The Second Forum of Indigenous Research: “Academic Community Meeting” 

We invite students, indigenous community members, researchers, and the general society, to participate in the Second Forum of Indigenous Investigation: “Academic Community Meeting.”

 This forum will take place on the 25th and 26th of May, 2017, at the Universidad Autonoma del estado de Hidalgo. Its purpose is to dialogue and contribute to the new generation of knowledge from various standpoints including: local and indigenous communities, academia, and civil society. Its aim is to generate knowledge that not only offers solutions to the problems that indigenous peoples face, but also solutions that are born from indigenous identity.

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