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Transformar Fellowship


Coordinator: Jorge Garcia,

Description of the program

The Transformar Fellowship is a professional and academic development program that is focusing on developing practitioners and social entrepreneurs who will have a better understanding of the complex world of ideas. The Fellows will learn how to use theory to direct praxis. Students will connect with their communities by linking their research and entrepreneurial interests to the social realities from the localities they come from. They will also explore how ancient cultures solve pressing issues of their times as a way to learn the prominence of ideas and solutions over time. 

Transformar is a program that intends to expand on YOUR idea by providing you with additional analytical tools that will allow you to expand your research and to have a greater understanding of the areas that could affect the development of your idea.  This program will provide the space and intellectual stimulation needed for you to reflect on your idea and more importantly, to figure how to take it to another level.  Your idea can be an original idea you might want to expand on, part of your research agenda, or an expression that denotes your passion for an idea you would like to develop in the future. 

In this program social entrepreneurs are highly regarded because you sit at the edges of our society by advancing a cause, an idea, an old aged knowledge, or your own aspirations for the future.  You are willing to get outside of your comfort zone to expand your interests.  It takes vision, commitment, initiative, and humbleness to take on the challenge to do things different and to fulfill your personal goals and ideas.  This program is all about you and your idea.  You will be expected to care for the advancement of your idea.  This program does not focuses on social entrepreneurship from the stand point of pure business, but rather it deals with social entrepreneurship from the stand point of social and economic justice, and the role that innovation could have on this area of engagement.  The aim of this program is to advanced social, economic, cultural, and political justice by providing special tools and understanding that enhances the possibility of bringing voices and new ideas to the forefront of constructive development; the following is the definition of social entrepreneurship from the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford:

Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges. 

Social entrepreneurs focus on transforming systems and practices that are the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration and accompanying loss of human dignity.  In so doing, they may set up for-profit or not-for-profit organizations, and in either case, their primary objective is to create sustainable systems change. 

Transformar supports the idea all that our social entrepreneur (our artists, innovators, thinkers, poets, and scientists) need is a space and the support to develop their idea.  Transformar is that open space to develop small things that grow into big things.

Learning Outcomes

  • To provide special skills in research methods, critical thinking, and strategic planning
  • To bridge theory and praxis under the understanding of several theoretical frameworks
  • To expand the understanding and importance of intercultural education and the notion of “ideas beyond borders”[1]
  • [1] “Ideas beyond borders,” within this program, has to do with the act of sharing and expanding our ideas with students from other countries who are also engaged in social sustainable development.

[1] “Ideas beyond borders,” within this program, has to do with the act of sharing and expanding our ideas with students from other countries who are also engaged in social sustainable development.

Application for this Academic year has closed.

Application for the 2017-2018 Academic year will be available in the Spring 2017 semester