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El Centro Resources

Academic Guidance and Advocacy

  • The Student Programs Specialist will help guide you through your academic career starting from the admissions process to graduation and beyond. Please make sure to schedule an appointment with them at (505) 277-5020.


  • Helpful tips when Applying to UNM:
    • Please be sure to check “I do not have a SSN” on the UNM application if you do not have one, do not try to use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or false SSN.
    • If you are a recipient of Deferred Action for Chilldhood Arrivals (DACA) you may use your Social Security Number (SSN) but you may receive a request for a copy of your SSN and Employed Authorization Document (EAD).
    • Student Programs Specialist at El Centro will help students who are applying to UNM in completing required documents, for example: writing a letter explaining your status to UNM in case you have included incorrect information or did not include a SSN in the application.
    • For more information about UNM admission call (505) 277-8900 to speak to them directly.


  • Undocumented/DACA students can download and print a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from the website or come by El Centro to pick one up.
    • Undocumented/DACA Students are only eligible for State funding.
    • Student Program Specialists at El Centro can help guide you through the FAFSA application.
    • For more information about FAFSA please visit HERE


  • Student Programs Specialists can help review your scholarship applications.
  • Scholarships offered by El Centro can be found HERE 
  • Scholarships offered by UNM can be found HERE 
  • Scholarship A-Z
    • Check out the latest scholarships available to undocumented and DACA students
    • Learn how to write scholarship essays from their resources page.

El Centro's Commitment

We work diligently to offer a welcoming and safe space with personalized support and advocacy to undocumented students and their families. El Centro is committed to building a sense of community, a supportive environment and, advocating for students to be successful in higher education, regardless of their background or immigration status.

Did you know?

In 2005 the State of New Mexico we have a law commonly referred to as SB 582 which has been around since 2005. This law establishes two things:

1. Universities are prohibited from discriminating against students based on their immigration status; and

2. Provides in-state tuition and state funds such as the Legislative Lottery Scholarship if you:

  • Attended a year of secondary education in New Mexico and
  • Graduated or obtained a GED in New Mexico

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