Director's Message

El Centro de la Raza stands as a testament to the vibrant Chicano movement of the 1960’s. Its inspiring history is deeply rooted in student empowerment. Initially brought to life by passionate students, El Centro quickly emerged as a vital force, ensuring that the University of New Mexico addresses the unique needs of its largest and most rapidly growing ethnic population.  In 1994, El Centro achieved a significant milestone by securing its first special project state funding, a step that, alongside dedicated student advocacy and community support, ultimately led to the organization's renaming in 1995 as El Centro de la Raza. This change reaffirmed its core mission: to serve the Chicano/Nuevo Mexicano/Latina/o/x student population in reaching their goals in higher education and beyond.

Over the years, El Centro has undergone many transitions in order to keep up with student needs. These changes have included the naming of the center, the development of specific programming, and now offering co-curricular initiatives, all with the intent of serving the Chicano/Nuevo Mexicano/Latina/o/x student population who are still faced with significant obstacles in higher education.

Today, El Centro continues its unwavering commitment to the holistic well-being of its students. It prioritizes student advocacy, offering exceptional programs and services while educating the broader campus community about the diverse issues affecting Latino/Hispano students at UNM. El Centro's impact extends beyond academics; it touches lives through mentoring, recruitment efforts, cultural programming, civic engagement, advocacy, student internships, professional development, and emergency scholarships. Your support contributes to the legacy of El Centro de la Raza, shaping the leaders of tomorrow and ensuring that they have the resources and advocacy required to succeed. 

Join us in this vital mission. Stand with El Centro de la Raza today!

Thank you for helping us empower the future of our students and community! 

Most sincerely,

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Rosa Isela Cervantes

El Centro de la Raza, Director