Adriana Gutierrez

Pre-Emergency Medical Services
Research Topics: Alternative Medicine (specifically what our ancestors used before us) vs. Modern Medicine(opioid usage and narcotics).


Diego Armando Flores Rentería

Marketing and Chicano Studies double major
Research Topics: I want to learn and understand how the Aztecs used economics in their society.


Dulce Jaqueline Saldivar Hernandez

Liberal Arts major minors in Spanish & Chicano and Chicana Studies
Research Topics: Understanding how important it is to understand your identity and connect to your cultural roots.


Howard Griego

Masters Student in the Chicana and Chicano Studies Program
Research Topics: Nuevomexicana/o Murals and Identity


Edith Linares Santillan

Masters in Business Administration
Research Topics: CESOSS strategic planning: determining organizations strengths, weaknesses, operational effectiveness, and opportunities. Based on the information gathered on this project I will provide recommendations to accomplish long-term goals.


Laura Sophia Garza

Photography wanting to obtain a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts)