2021-2022 Undergraduate Research Fellows

Andrea Naranjo

Andrea Naranjo

Major: Political Science
Minor: Communication
Research Interest: Feminist movements and how US laws shape mistreatment and sexism in our society.


Antonio Christobal Villegas

Majors: Psychology
Minors: Communications & Philosophy
Research Interest: Psychological effects of Social Media on individuals during the pandemic and studying the differences between online and offline social interactions on mental health.


Bianca Solano

Majors: Environmental Science and Spanish
Research Interest: Exploring environmental sustainability and how renewable energy resources can combat inefficiency and reliability of the weather, along with changes and impacts is type of energy can have on ecosystems.

Bryan Baez

Bryan J Baez Moreno

Major: Business Administration
Research Interests: Renewable Energy and Its Effect on New Mexico’s Developing Economy.

Bryan Loredo

Bryan Alejandro Loredo

Majors: Computer Engineering
Research Interest: Research interests I have revolve around how computing systems have changed the way we live and perceive things and how different languages affect the way we communicate and think.

Dulce Saldivar

Dulce Jaqueline Saldivar Hernandez

Major: Liberal Arts Major
Minors: Chicano and Chicana Studies and Spanish
Research Interests: Exploring linguistic diversity within the Spanish-speaking community and the healthcare system.

Eric Olaguir

Eric Matthew Olaguir

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Robotics and Drones in Engineering.

erik g

Erik D. Guaderrama Marin

Major: Computer Engineering
Research Interest: Improving speech recognition in Spanish and Spanglish in noisy environments.

Jacquelyn G

Jacquelynn Reyes Gutierrez

Major: Philosophy, Pre-Law Concentration
Minor: English
Research Interests: Legal reasoning, the morality of law, and theories of justice.

Kevin pr

Kevin Pérez Ríos

Major:Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Research Interest: Ongoing energy transition into cleaner renewable energy.

Lizbeth o

Lizbeth Olivarez

Majors: Population Health
Research Interests: Food deserts and their disproportionate health effects on low income and minority communities.


Samantha Maestas

Major: Criminology and Psychology
Minor: Religious Studies
Research Interests: How are different races and ethnicities overrepresented in policy and the criminal justice system and what impact this has on society as a whole.

Mark Cambell

Mark Campbell

Major: Women’s Studies and History
Research Interests: Utilizing radical feminist theory to advance gender abolition.


Mikayla Ranspot

Major: Earth & Planetary Science and Sign Language Interpreting
Research Interests: Isotopic analysis of birds and mammals’ diets within the bosque area.

Patricia Campos

Patricia Azucena Campos Muro

Majors: Biology and Spanish
Minor: Chemistry
Research Interests: Health inequality focusing on social and behavioral determinants of health and their impact on marginalized communities.

Romulo B

Romulo Omar Barrientos

Majors: Business Administration and International Studies.
Research Interests: The new digital era and the garment industry.