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El Centro de la Raza Mission, Vision & Strategic Goals

Alignment with the University of New Mexico Mission

El Centro focuses on three of the four UNM identified cornerstones of purpose (UNM Strategic Framework). 

El Centro’s primary goals are to:
1. educate and encourage students to develop the values, habits of mind, knowledge, and skills they need to be enlightened citizens, contribute to the state and national economies, and lead satisfying lives;

2. discover and disseminate new knowledge and creative endeavors that will enhance the overall well-being of society; and

3. actively support social, cultural, and economic development in our communities to enhance the quality of life for all New Mexicans.


El Centro de la Raza provides tools for self-determination, personal responsibility and resiliency of Raza students at the University of New Mexico. 

We support the transformation of students through knowledge and skills, while challenging systems to achieve social justice. In engaging the community, El Centro continues the legacy of advocacy, holistic support and partnerships.


El Centro de la Raza serves as an agent of change to provide state of the art student services, programs, research and educational opportunities to support social, cultural, economic and political sustainability in New Mexican communities.

El Centro de la Raza’s Current Goals

Goal 1:  El Centro will positively impact retention and graduation of undergraduate and graduate/professional students through academic, cultural/personal and professional activities designed to build a sense of community and a supportive environment.

Goal 2:  El Centro will recruit Latino students and provide information to Latino students and their families about UNM and El Centro programs/activities.

Goal 3:  El Centro will use program evaluation and assessment data for continuous improvement and to ensure its relevance in academic, cultural and professional aspirations of Latino students.

El Centro de la Raza is a Student Services department under the Division of Student Affairs.