El Puente Undergraduate Research Fellows


Adriana Martha Gutierrez

Major: Emergency Medical Services
Minor: English
Research Interest: Resources provided for first-generation students across the country, and their overall effect on graduation rates.


Ben Lopez

Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Research Interest: Addiction and the opioid crisis.


Catarina Bruton

Majors: Biology, Criminology, and Certification in Honors
Research Interest: Healthcare disparities and discrimination that Indigenous People face in New Mexico.


Charles Aguirre

Majors: Psychology and Health, Medicine & Human Values
Minors: Chemistry, Business Management
Research Interests: Mental Health and its effects on opportunities.


Cristian Holguin

Major: Biochemistry
Research Interest: The correlation between socioeconomic status of underrepresented groups and health in adulthood.


Cruz Davis-Martinez

Majors: Studio Art and Psychology
Research Interests:My research interest involves how various forms of therapy can positively impact marginalized communities.


Daniela C. Millán

Majors: Political Science and Communication Minor: Honors
Research Interests: The impacts and effects of one's social identity surrounding the Hispanic/Latino community.


David Flores

Major: Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: Robotics with a focus on leg mobility.


Denilson O. Cisneros Vallejo

Major: Music Education
Research Interest: Undocumented students in the classroom and the effects of immigration status on higher education.


Eva Marques

Major: Anthropology
Minor: Museum Studies
Research Interests: Indigenous traditions and practices that remain in detribalized and assimilated cultures and families.


Izabelle L. Chavez

Majors: Biology and Nutrition & Dietetics
Minor: Chemistry
Research Interests: Clinical applications of metabolics, genetics, and nutrition.


Jade Serna

Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry and Family & Child Studies Research Interests: Oncology and general medical research.


Jason Sanchez Hernandez

Major: Economics
Minor: Management
Research Interests: Income inequality and demographic economics with a focus on minority populations.


Joannliseth Prieto

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Research Interests: The origin and future of lithium batteries in the automotive industry.


Jordan Melina Perez

Majors: Biochemistry and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Research Interests: Food desserts/insecurity in New Mexico and the effects of Latinx community.


Jose Mauricio Garcia

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Math
Research Interests: Expanding upon current additive manufacturing technologies to create new ones.


Karina Raquel Bolaños

Majors: English and Religious Studies
Research Interests: Stories and their Cultural Impact, particularly within the Southwestern Region of the United States.


Joshua Lopez

Major: Biochemistry
Research Interests: Removal of microplastics, organic and inorganic prosthetics, biomedical engineering, biofeedback applications, and neurofeedback applications.


Koby Alejandro Perez

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Converting Carbon Capturing into a reusable energy source.


Mario Silva

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Psychology
Research Interests: Psycho-informatics and AI technology.


Matthew Taylor

Major: History and Political Science
Research Interests: The social and cultural structures of Indigenous People of Central America.


Miguel Antonio Cuellar

Major: Psychology
Minor: American Sign Language
Research Interest: The effects of co-parenting on brain development of a toddlers.


Mitzi Heredia

Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy
Research Interest: How certain laws/bills negatively impacts Latinos.