El Puente fosters a unique intellectual community premised on incubating the brilliance of Raza and historically underrepresented students.

El Puente Research Fellowship, a program under El Centro de la Raza, supports and promotes undergraduate research in multiple academic areas. It offers undergraduates the opportunity to prepare for graduate level education over the course of two semesters. El Puente Fellows work closely with graduate mentors and faculty as they increase their understanding and experience of academic research, and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to begin the research process, develop a research proposal, and prepare for graduate school. This fellowship takes the educational experience to the next level and better prepares students for future opportunities in the academic and professional world.

El Puente Research Fellows also have the opportunity to grow as a community of scholars with the other fellows. As research projects develop, fellows have a space to rely on their peers and mentors for input, guidance and critiques. Most importantly, all the fellows are on similar journeys toward professional development and/or a graduate degree. It is important to note that prior research experience is not required as this program meets the students at their level.