Maya Lazzaro

MA, American Studies
Research Topics: Indigenous peoples history of the Americas and investigations of autonomous governments from North & South America.


Pablo Arias-Benavides

MAS Latin American Studies
Research Topics: Archaeology, Empire and Resistance, Critical Theory


Minea Armijo Romero

PhD in Language Literacy & Sociocultural Studies
Research Topics: Indigenous Transnational Bilingual Education and Border Studies


Jorge A. Hernández Jr.

Ph.D. in Spanish (Hispanic Literature), Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Research Topics: Space, place, displacement, and dispossession in the urban Southwest (19th and 20th centuries).


Lorrey Maria Romero

BBA & MS in Cybersecurity & Business Analytics
Research Topics: Business environments, organizational behavior, & how those intersect with Cybersecurity & Management of Information Systems.


Jerome Chávez

MA, Chicana and Chicano Studies
Research Topics: Social Movements and Chicano Movement history in New Mexico


Diana Perea

MA, Public Health and Business Administration
Research Topics: COVID-19 vaccine equity among minority and undocumented communities, but also the impact of culture appropriation in consumerism


Magdalena Vázquez Dathe

PhD Candidate, Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies/Educational Thought Focus.
Research Topics: Latina Women’s narratives learning English as a Second Language (ESL) through Critical Pedagogy