2022-2023 Undergraduate Research Fellows


Abel Molinar

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Research Interest: Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering


Alexandra Ximena Jaquez

Majors: Biology & Spanish
Minors: Chemistry
Research Interest: Dental Health in the community.


Alicia Andrea Gallegos

Majors: Family and Child Studies & Native American Studies
Research Interest: Understanding how colonialism impacts Indigenous family systems, family functioning, and human development, while fostering healing and wellbeing through accessible family life education that is culturally relevant.


Austin McOwiti

Major: Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: Clean energy and biomedical engineering.


Brandon Chavarria-Salazar

Majors: Dental Hygiene
Minor: Psychology
Research Interest: Mental health conditions and their effect on dental care in minority individuals.


Cesar Ivan Castillo Vega

Major: Secondary Education, Concertation in History
Minors: Bilingual Education
Research Interests: The side effects that the fear of deportation has on students in the classroom.


Charlotte Auh

Major: Elementary Education & Spanish
Minors: Bilingual Education & Honors
Research Interests: Comparing the experiences of Asian and Hispanic students in the US education system, especially surrounding bilingual education and language loss.


Diego Tenorio

Major: Statistics & Psychology
Certificate: Race and Social Justice
Research Interests: Prejudice Reduction


Dorothy Mberile

Major: Computer Engineering
Minor: Mathematics
Research Interest: Robotics and artificial intelligence.


Elizabeth R. Sanchez

Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Nutrition & Dietetics
Research Interests: Health effects of poor diets and insufficient physical activity on minority populations.


Floredith Morales Chávez

Majors: Psychology & Spanish
Minor: Portuguese
Research Interests: Recovery of the folklorist Aurora Lucero White Lea, the New Mexico Baby Boomer Oral History Project, and a body of poetry on the Mexican Revolution.


Hannah Naljahih

Major: Criminology & Psychology
Certificate: Race and Social Justice
Research Interests: How crime affects societies and the well-being of individual’s mental health as well as lawmakers and policies that are involved in injustice.


John Olivas II

Major: Nursing
Research Interests: Discrimination in the medical field.


John T Arrazolo San Nicolás

Majors: Religious Studies & Philosophy
Minor: Greek
Research Interests: How Christian movements cope with doctrinal diversity on national and international levels, and how the question of credal essentiality such diversity raises is handled.


Julían Angel

Majors: Chicana and Chicano Studies & Spanish
Research Interests: The disproportionate media coverage, financial, and legal aid towards openly gay Hispanic men murdered in urban communities.


Katie Abrego-Lozano

Majors: Statistics & Psychology
Research Interests: Mental health stigma in the Hispanic/Latinx community.


Laysha Lineth Chaparro

Majors: Psychology & Spanish
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
Research Interests: TThe diverse effects that culture and society can have on mental health, mental health services, and the outreach for help, with a focus on racial and ethnic minorities.


Lourdes Darling Cazares

Majors: Psychology
Minor: Chemistry
Research Interests: How family background can affect a child's mental health in the future and how their personality is formed from a young age.


Rogelio Cruz Pulido

Majors: Psychology
Minor: Management
Research Interests: Mental Health Resource Accessibility in Low Income and Immigrant Communities.


Sebastian Romero

Majors: Biology
Minor: Chemistry & Management
Research Interests: The strains and difficulties that veterinarians are facing due to the growing need for veterinary care and what can be done to help resolve this developing issue.


Shalom Soliz

Majors: Elementary Education, Concentration in Social Studies
Minor: Chicana and Chicano Studies
Research Interests: I am interested in the mental health perceptions that are in the Latinx/Chicanx community, specifically within middle school aged students.


Reyes Reynaga

Major: English-Philosophy
Minors: Chicana/o Studies, Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, & Spanish
Research Interests: Intersectionality within alternative subcultures


Travis Cleofas Torres Thompson

Majors: Anthropology & Native American Studies
Research Interest: Representation of Indigenous worldviews in digital environments in new media and the effects of colonialist spatial culture on community and connection to place.