Health & Wellness

Simply Salud (Simplemente Salud)

Simply Salud is a health office located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Providers work collaboratively to offer best health outcomes for patients. Each provider is fully bilingual (English / Spanish) and dedicated to the care of the patient. Anyone is welcome regardless of health insurance or immigration status. To keep prices down, they don’t accept health insurance. If you have insurance, you can use it for lab testing, radiology studies and medications prescribed.

First Choice Clinics

First Choice Community Healthcare is a health care organization that maintains excellence in programs and services with a constant focus on the changing needs of individuals and communities.

They provide primary medical care, dental care and WIC services and have integrated behavioral health care in the primary care setting for their established patients. They have provided a healthcare care home for their patients for over 40 years. They play an integral role in providing access to all people regardless of income or insurance status.

Their goal is to provide same day and after-hours access to dignity based medical services from conventional, natural and traditional health traditions.  They seek to create an environment that promotes dignity and responsibility for patients, staff, and clinicians. They provide fair priced health care to anyone in need. 

Centro Savila

Centro Sávila is a treatment program devoted to the recovery and healing of individuals, families, and communities suffering from emotional and psychological distress.Their services are offered in English and Spanish and accessible to community members regardless of their ability to pay. 

UNM Student Health and Counseling

SHAC provides counseling services to all UNM Students who are facing with excessive stress or difficult personal problems, psychological and psychiatric support may be helpful or necessary. SHAC also provides medical services such as women's and men health check, Immunization, physical therapy, lab and x-ray tests. Any UNM student, regardless of documentation status can access these services.

El Centro's Commitment

We work diligently to offer a welcoming and safe space with personalized support and advocacy to undocumented students and their families. El Centro is committed to building a sense of community, a supportive environment and, advocating for students to be successful in higher education, regardless of their background or immigration status.

Did you know?

In the State of New Mexico we have a law commonly referred to as SB 582 which has been around since 2005. This law establishes two things:

1. Universities are prohibited from discriminating against students based on their immigration status; and

2. Provides in-state tuition and state funds such as the Legislative Lottery Scholarship if you:

  • Attended a year of secondary education in New Mexico and
  • Graduated or obtained a GED (or equivalent) in New Mexico