Transformar Summer Leadership Institute - Study Abroad

Transformar Summer Leadership Institute - Study Abroad - 2018 Itenary

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The purpose of this Transformar Summer Leadership Institute is to learn about ancient and contemporary cultures in Mexico.  The emphasis will be on understanding local cultures in the Central Valley, including Otomies, Toltec, Aztec, and Mexica culture.  The students will visit museums, cultural sites, and will interact with Mexican students as well.  The students will also participate in the Encuentro de Estudiantes Latinos e Indigenas de Estados Unidos y Mexico, which will be coordinated between El Centro de la Raza and the Red de Mujeres Indigenas de Hidalgo, and other partners in.


The learning outcomes for this Summer Leadership Institute are the following:

  • To learn and better understand Mexican ancient culture and to visit archaeological sites, especial reference will be made on understanding the creativity, risk taking, and entrepreneurial skills that prompted the development of cities in the Central Valley
  • To learn about indigenous calendars and the role that archaeological sites played to maintain day counts.  
  • To interact with Mexican students and to learn about local customs, history, and language
  • To learn about key figures who shaped Mesoamerica and to visit the places they lived in, an emphasis will be made on Netzahualcoyotl, Ahuizoltl, Tlacaelel, and Moctezuma
  • To immerse in contemporary and ancient Mexican culture and arts.  This includes visiting murals by Diego Rivera, as well as meeting with Aztec dancers in Mexico City.  The students will be able to learn about female leadership within Danza circles by meeting with current capitanas.
  • To learn about the mythical migration from Aztlan by the Aztecs to Central Mexico and visit the places that are still recognized as the places they visited through their migration from the North to the Central Valley