Transformar Fellowship Program

The application period is now closed for the 2019-2020 term.

What is the Transformar Fellowship Program?

Transformar is a fellowship that focuses on social entrepreneurship.  This program helps define an idea or an area of long-term interest for the participating student.  It also aims at expanding the understanding students have of their field of study and/or area of interest.

The Fellowship will provide analytical tools to guide students in their academic experience, and/or professional aspirations. It will also motivate students to pursue and understand the complexity of ideas and their intersection with the social, cultural, economic and political forces that affect and/or facilitate social entrepreneurship. To accomplish this, the Transformar fellows will work on expanding their understanding of either an area of academic and professional interest or a particular idea they might want to explore.  The Transformar fellows will do this by participating in mandatory group sessions in which assigned readings and assignments will be discussed, and ideas will be explored.  When appropriate, Transformar fellows will also engage with community organizations and businesses that will provide them with professional mentorship.  The participation in this fellowship will include two semesters of instruction and development, and an opportunity to present final research project in an annual Student Forum in Mexico.  The forum will be a part of a trip that Transformar students will take to Mexico,[1] which will include participating and presenting their research project to Indigenous Mexican students from various universities in Mexico.  Your presentation in Mexico can be either in Spanish or in English, but for students who might not speak Spanish, translation can be arranged.  This trip will take place at the end of the Spring Semester and before Summer school starts, as this is is part of the program participating students should factor this trip into their students academic development plan. 


The overarching goal of Transformar is to provide selected fellows with practical experience, skills, and analytical tools that would guide their research projects, personal ideas, and/or professional growth. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. To provide special skills in research methods, critical thinking, and strategic planning
  2. To bridge theory and praxis under the understanding of several theoretical frameworks
  3. To expand understanding and importance of intercultural education and the notion of “ideas beyond borders”[2]

Transformar Benefits:

  • Learn from experts in the fields of management, planning, and theory
  • Engage with other committed fellows
  • Gain meaningful professional and intellectual experiences
  • Explore the implementation of theory into praxis for social and economic justice
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Explore ideas from the standpoint of complex systems, chaos theory, planning and management
  • Explore writings from Sun Tzu, Don Juan, Maestro Arturo Meza, Plato, and other selected readings.

With guidance and support the participants are expected to:

  • Attend by-weekly sessions
  • Define a clear idea or area of interest
  • Be independent and take initiative to complete personal project
  • Participate in the Transformar Summer Leadership Institute in Mexico


Studentsmust meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for acceptance into the this program:

  • You must be enrolled and able to participate in the program for Fall and Spring 2019-20
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Able to attend 2 hour by-weekly sessions
  • Be enrolled as a degree seeking senior or graduate student at UNM

For more information email Jorge Garcia (mexicatl@unm.edu) or the main office (elcentro@unm.edu).

[1] The trip will be up to two weeks long and the student needs to allot time to participate.  Students will be responsible for getting their passports and applying to the trip through the Summer Leadership Institute (for more information see, http://studyabroad.unm.edu/student-programs/transformar-summer-leadership-institute-mexico)

[2] “Ideas beyond borders,” within this program, has to do with the act of sharing and expanding our ideas with students from other countries who are also engaged in social sustainable development.