Counseling Internship Program

MHC offers a two-semester counseling internship (consisting of 240 direct hours and 350 indirect hours) focused on equipping graduate-level counseling students with 1) in-depth training on the treatment of complex trauma and the assessment of suicide risk, 2) multi-layer supervision support tailored to strengthening professional identity and developing trauma-informed care and anti-oppressive approaches, and 3) experiential learning opportunities to foster multicultural, social justice, advocacy, and bilingual/bicultural counseling competencies. MHC currently has placements at the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), El Centro de la Raza (El Centro), and the Accessibility Resource Center (ACR).

Internship Intercultural Immersion Trip
MHC recognizes the immense training gap in intercultural experiential learning opportunities throughout the mental health field. For this reason, we offer an eight-day immersion trip to Central Mexico with the goal of exposing participating internship students to intercultural environments that present components of multiculturalism, social justice, advocacy, and cultural humility within mental health professions in Mexico. Students will visit diverse environments within Mexico City and Puebla to partake in conversations of diversity, equity, and accessibility from a perspective outside of the U.S. Students will also explore historical, cultural, and sociopolitical contexts of mental health professions in Mexico and engage in dialogue about the impact of these services on the understanding of mental health among Latinx people and other populations. This intercultural opportunity is designed to encourage students to explore and reflect on their own cultural self-awareness, cross-cultural, and cultural humility skills and connect these insights to their professional development.

If you’re a graduate-level counseling student interested being a part of our team, please contact MHC’s Program Coordinator, Ivette Acevedo Weatherholtz (she/her/ella), at